Astra vs OceanWP – Which WordPress Theme is Best for You?

If you are looking for a professional WordPress theme for your website, you may want to consider Astra and OceanWP. They are two of the most popular WordPress themes available online and are actively used by millions of website owners.

It is easy to understand why Astra and OceanWP are so popular. Both themes are free to download, easy to use and include many fast-loading pre-made website designs that allow you to change the look of your website at the click of a button. Astra and OceanWP support all major WordPress page builders too and work well with WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce.

Astra Home Page
OceanWP Home Page

Whilst Astra and OceanWP are free to download, you can unlock many additional features by upgrading to the pro versions. This will give you greater control over your website design.

Let’s take a closer look at these versatile WordPress themes and see how they compare.

Professional Features for Modern Websites

Before I start talking about the pros and cons of using Astra and OceanWP, I would like to talk about the many professional features these WordPress themes have.

One standout feature of both themes is that they are free to download. This allows everyone to install and test these WordPress themes before they use it on a live website. Many website owners do stick with the free version of Astra and OceanWP, however those who want the full version can test the themes thoroughly before upgrading.

Astra WordPress Theme
Astra on
OceanWP WordPress Theme
OceanWP on on

Astra and OceanWP’s both come packaged with beautiful pre-made website templates. It only takes a few seconds to import a design to your website and as all designs are responsive, they look good on any device.

Astra Starter Templates
Astra’s Starter Templates WordPress plugin has an amazing collection of website designs.

Astra and OceanWP both support the WordPress theme customiser. This is more practical than a dedicated theme options page as it allows you to see the changes you make in real-time.

Astra WordPress Customiser
Both WordPress themes allow you to modify your website design through the WordPress theme customiser.

Astra and OceanWP have been optimised for search engines, are translation ready and have native support for WooCommerce. Hooks and filters are also available to help you insert code directly into your website with ease.

Both designs have also been created to work with all major WordPress page builders. I like this approach from developers as it gives website owners the freedom to use whatever page builder they wish.

Astra Integrations
Popular WordPress plugins are supported by Astra and OceanWP.

Every WordPress theme has its strengths and weaknesses, however if you select Astra or OceanWP, you will be choosing a modern WordPress theme that integrates well with other products and services.

Pre-Made Website Designs

In the early years of WordPress, if you wanted a different design for your website, you had to change your WordPress theme. Pre-made website template designs changed that.

Today, popular WordPress themes such as Astra and OceanWP come packaged with dozens of pre-made website designs so that you can switch to a new design in seconds.

In order to change designs in Astra, you need to install the WordPress plugin Astra Starter Templates. The plugin includes around 100 free high-quality designs that were created using Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy and the WordPress block editor.

Select Page Builder
Select which WordPress page builder you will be using.

The designs are split between page builders. As you would expect, if you select a design based on Elementor, Beaver Builder or Brizy, you will also have to install that page builder in order for the design to work correctly.

55 additional designs are available to those that upgrade to one of Astra’s agency bundles, however you can filter these designs out and only show free designs.

Astra Starter Templates Selection Screen
Filters help you find the perfect design.

The whole process of selecting designs and importing them into your website using Starter Templates is straightforward.

When you select a design, you will see all templates that are available for it together with an option to preview the design in a new tab. All designs can be imported, but if you prefer, you can import individual page templates such as the home page or about page.

During the import process, you will be asked whether you want to delete the previously imported website and import customiser settings, widgets and content. Starter templates will also activate required plugins such as Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg and WPForms.

Importing a Design in Astra
Astra’s template import system is a joy to use.

OceanWP’s demo import system works in a similar way.

Once you have activated OceanWP on your website, you will be asked to activate three WordPress plugins: Elementor, WPForms and Ocean Extra.

I find it baffling that the functionality of Ocean Extra is not incorporated into the core theme as OceanWP cannot be used without it. If you don’t activate Ocean Extra, you will not see the OceanWP theme panel, settings pages and theme demos.

The process of importing “Demo” designs is similar to Astra’s Starter Templates, but it is important to note that all OceanWP demos were created using Elementor. So whilst OceanWP does work well with other page builders, you will need to activate Elementor if you want to use one of their designs.

A total of 13 theme demos are available free of charge. 60 additional designs are available to those who purchase the OceanWP Core Extensions Bundle.

OceanWP Demos Page
13 website designs are available free of charge.

Once Ocean Extra has been activated, a setup wizard is presented that allows you to select the demo you want for your website. Whilst this feature is appreciated, OceanWP’s theme demo system is deeply flawed.

When you select a design, OceanWP asks if you want to import customiser settings, widgets, a contact form and content such as posts and pages to help you display your website correctly. Unfortunately, there is no way to delete previously imported website content.

The big problem, however, is that all free demo designs use premium plugin extensions. Therefore, in order for the designs to work correctly, you would need to buy the full version of OceanWP.

Import OceanWP Demo
OceanWP’s template system is deeply flawed.

If you upgrade to the full version of OceanWP, the requirement of premium plugin extensions is a non-issue, however it is disappointed that all 13 free demo designs will not function correctly unless you upgrade.

Winner: Astra

The quality of designs is high for both themes, however Astra is the clear winner here. Their Starter Templates WordPress plugin offers around 100 free designs for four different page builders and if you switch to another WordPress theme, you can continue using the plugin.

In contrast, OceanWP has a smaller library of designs and you need to use Elementor to use them. There is no way to delete imported content either and free users cannot use the 13 available designs correctly without paying to upgrade.

Customising Your Website

Beautiful designs may be what attracts you to a WordPress theme, however a theme’s customisation options are arguably more important.

The Astra Options page can be found in the WordPress appearance area. The top of the page displays links to key areas in the WordPress theme customiser, whilst the right column displays support links.

Your Astra Pro license and Astra Pro modules can be activated on this page too. When you activate a particular Astra Pro module, its functionality will be added to the WordPress theme customiser.

Astra Options
You only need to activate the modules you need in Astra Pro.

The core version of Astra offers dozens of useful configuration options in the WordPress customiser. These allow you to modify your header, blog, sidebar, footer and more.

Customisation options are expanded significantly if you activate Astra Pro modules. Astra Pro adds additional options for colours, styling, typography, navigation, layouts, widgets and more.

Editing Astra With the WordPress Customiser
Astra Pro adds hundreds of new customisation options to the theme customiser.

Astra places all major theme options within the WordPress customiser, however you can override some of these settings on posts, pages and custom post types.

For any page, you can change the sidebar, layout and header. You can also disable key areas such as the title, featured image and footer bar.

Astra Post Settings
Astra settings box.

OceanWP gives you some additional customisation options.

The OceanWP theme panel will be displayed in your admin area once you activate Ocean Extra on your website.

OceanWP Theme Panel Admin Menu
Astra admin menu.

From the main theme panel page, you can open support tickets and see links to the OceanWP facebook page, video tutorials and documentation area.

Underneath you can disable sections from the WordPress customiser that are not important to you. There are links to key areas in the customiser here too. The theme panel also has an integrations tab that allows you to connect to third-party services using API keys.

OceanWP Theme Panel
OceanWP’s main options page lets you deactivate sections from the WordPress theme customiser.

One of my favourite features of OceanWP is the Scripts & Styles Panel. You can use this panel to disable Javascript and CSS that you are not using. This is incredibly useful when you’re optimising your website and trying to reduce the overall weight of your pages.

OceanWP Scripts & Styles Panel
The scripts and styles panel makes website optimisation simpler.

OceanWP also has an importer and exporter for backing up important website settings.

OceanWP Import & Export
OceanWP’s importer and exporter is useful for backing settings up and transferring settings from a test website to a live website.

Like Astra, OceanWP supports the WordPress theme customiser. The free version of OceanWP offers an extensive list of typography options together with options for your top bar, header, blog and footer.

Premium OceanWP extensions such as Sticky Footer can also be configured via the customiser.

OceanWP WordPress Theme Customiser
Like Astra, OceanWP lets you customise your website design through the WordPress theme customiser and see the changes you make in real-time.

What I really love about OceanWP is how much control it gives you over how specific posts and pages are structured and styled. You can do so much more than disable the header, sidebar and footer.

Through the OceanWP Settings box, you can change the logo, header, menus, title and more. This can be used to greatly change how every page on your website looks.

OceanWP Post Settings
OceanWP gives you greater control over how specific posts and pages are structured and styled.

Whether you choose Astra or OceanWP, you will find it simple to make styling customisations to your website. OceanWP does, however, give you a little more control.

Winner: OceanWP

Astra is a highly customisable WordPress theme that offers dozens of configuration options within the WordPress theme customiser, however OceanWP gives website owners more flexibility as it lets you disable specific customiser sections, scripts and styles.

Astra Pro does give you more customisation options in the theme customiser than the full version of OceanWP, though OceanWP’s additional control over how you style individual pages gives it a slight edge.

Creating Content With Page Builders

Page builders have changed how website owners build websites with WordPress. As a result of this, many features and functionality that were previously found in WordPress themes can now be found in WordPress page builder plugins.

Astra and OceanWP have both been designed from the ground up with WordPress page builders in mind. They both support full-page layouts and the developers have ensured that native theme features and customisation options work with any page builder you use.

OceanWP Supported Page Builders
Astra and OceanWP both work well with WordPress page builders.

The good news is that if you have a preferred WordPress page builder, Astra and OceanWP will both work in harmony with it.

Be aware, however, that the pre-made website designs that come packaged with Astra and OceanWP were all created using a specific page builder.

Astra’s designs were created using the WordPress blog editor, Elementor, Beaver Builder and Brizy. In contrast, all OceanWP designs were created using Elementor, so you will need to activate the page builder if you are using the design.

Winner: Tie

Astra and OceanWP both have great support for WordPress page builders, but be sure to pay attention to the page builder that was used to create any pre-made website design you use.

Expanding Functionality With Plugins & Modules

Up until this point, I have focused on the core versions of Astra and OceanWP, however a number of free and premium plugin extensions are available for both WordPress themes that extend functionality further.

Ten free WordPress plugins are listed in the main Astra Options page. Apart from HubSpot, all of these plugins were created by Astra developers Brainstorm Force.

Four of these WordPress plugins were created to enhance Astra. I would like to see this functionality integrated into the core Astra theme in order to reduce the number of active WordPress plugins on your website.

The other plugins that are listed on the Astra Options page are Customizer Search, Custom Fonts, Custom Typekit Fonts, HubSpot, Sidebar Manager and Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg. They’re all good WordPress plugins and are worth checking out, however these plugins were designed to work with all WordPress themes and were not created specifically for Astra.

Astra Plugins
Astra recommends many free WordPress plugins that were not specifically designed for the theme.

The free version of Astra gives you many great customisation options in the WordPress theme customiser, however the full version of Astra is a more advanced solution.

Astra Pro unlocks 18 premium modules. Each of these modules can be enabled and disabled from the main Astra Options page. I really like the way the developers have set this up as instead of activating many additional WordPress plugins, you just need to activate the Astra Pro plugin and then select what modules you want.

If you activate all Astra Pro options, the WordPress theme customiser will have additional options for colours and background, typography, spacing, blogging, mobile header, header sections, navigation menu, sticky header, site layouts, footer widgets and scroll to top.

Astra Pro also gives you white labelling options so that you can brand your website and there is enhanced integration for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, LearnDash and LifterLMS.

Astra Pro Features
Astra Pro unlocks many styling and customisation options to give you more control over your website.

Astra Pro also offers an advanced custom layouts feature where you can specify what pages a layout is used on and which user roles it applies to. Hooks can also be inserted into the layout.

Another cool feature is page headers. You can use this to create custom page headers and define what areas of your website the header is displayed.

Astra Pro Page Header
Astra’s page headers module can be applied to specific areas of your website.

Like Astra, OceanWP can have its functionality extended.

Six free WordPress plugins are available for OceanWP, all of which were developed specifically for use with the OceanWP WordPress theme.

Whilst all of these plugins were designed with OceanWP in mind, I believe that there are better alternatives for all of these plugins in the official WordPress plugin directory.

OceanWP Post Slider
A number of free WordPress plugins have been designed to compliment OceanWP, but none really stand out from other free WordPress plugins on

A total of 12 premium plugin extensions are available for OceanWP.

Only a few of these plugins add additional styling options to your website. Sticky Footer can be used to display your footer at all times, whilst Ocean Footer Callout can be used to display a prominent bar in your footer to highlight important information.

Ocean Side Panel can be used to display a responsive side panel with your widgets and Elementor users can use Full Screen to enable fullscreen scrolling.

Developers will appreciate the White Label plugin that allows you to brand OceanWP as your own theme and the Ocean Hooks plugin that lets you easily insert shortcodes and PHP code.

OceanWP Sticky Footer
An example of “Sticky Footer” in action.

The other OceanWP’s premium plugin extensions are Cookie Notice, Instagram, Popup Login, Portfolio, Woo Popup and Elementor Widgets. All of these WordPress plugins are useful, however you can find many free alternatives to these plugins in the official WordPress plugin directory.

Winner: Astra

All of the free plugins and pro modules that were created for Astra add additional styling options to the WordPress customiser, add more layout options or add support for third-party products. OceanWP’s plugin extensions are useful, but they do not really enhance the core theme.

Astra’s module system also means that you can increase website functionality without drastically increasing the number of activated WordPress plugins on your website.


One factor that may influence your decision on which WordPress theme to use is cost.

If you are not looking to spend any money on a WordPress theme, the decision is a little easier. Simply download and test the free version of Astra and OceanWP and see which theme suits your needs better.

Those of you are looking to unlock the full potential of Astra and OceanWP will need to compare the cost of Astra Pro and OceanWP Pro.

Astra Pro is available in one of three plans: Astra Pro, Mini Agency Bundle and Agency Bundle. All plans give you support and updates for an unlimited number of websites and all purchases come with a 100% 14-day money back guarantee.

The prices shown in the screenshot below highlight the yearly cost of using Astra Pro. As you can see, at the time of writing, prices have been reduced by 25% due to Astra reaching one million users.

The usual price is $59 for Astra Pro, $169 for the Mini Agency Bundle and $249 for the full Agency Bundle. These prices jump to $249, $499 and $699, respectively, if you want to pay for a lifetime license.

Astra Pricing
All Astra Pro plans provide unlimited support and updates.

Unfortunately, the 55 additional starter template designs are only available when you upgrade to one of the agency themes, however if you upgrade to the Mini Agency Bundle, you do receive Brainstorm Force’s portfolio plugin WP Portfolio and the pro version of either Ultimate Addons for Elementor or Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder. The full agency bundle includes all of these plugins and adds Convert Pro, Schema Pro and a SkillJet Academy membership.

Whilst these are all good plugins, there is no need to upgrade to these higher-priced agency plans if you are not planning on using any of these agency designs or bonus WordPress plugins.

Brainstorm Force
Astra Pro’s agency plans come bundled with premium Brainstorm Force WordPress plugins.

OceanWP has a different pricing scheme.

The OceanWP Core Extension Bundle offers 12 premium plugin extensions and 60 pro demos (the 13th plugin extension is for installing pro demos).

The main pricing page of OceanWP notes that their Core Extension Bundle costs $59 for a one website license, $79 for three websites and $129 for up to 25 websites. For a lifetime license, these prices increase to $159, $319 and $519, respectively.

This sounds like a straightforward pricing policy, but as I noted in my Avada vs OceanWP article, it is a little more complicated than that.

OceanWP Core Extensions Bundle
All OceanWP extension bundle offer support and updates for a limited number of websites.

OceanWP allows you to purchase premium extensions individually.

Each premium extension is listed in the WordPress admin area as $29.99 per year for a one website license, $69.99 per year for three websites and $119.99 per year for up to 25 websites.

Yet if you try to purchase an individual extension, you will be encouraged to save $4.01 and purchase the Core Extension Bundle for $34.99. This is confusing as the Core Extension Bundle sales page states that a single license costs $59, not $39.

Long story short: In order to purchase a single license for OceanWP at the best price, you need to to add a premium extension to your shopping cart and then take advantage of the Core Extension Bundle offer that is presented to you.

Individual Extension Price
Why do OceanWP have such a confusing pricing policy?

As the developers of Astra and OceanWP have adopted different pricing policities, the cost of using the themes depends on how you are using them.

Winner: Tie

Despite their confusing sales policy, OceanWP has the cheapest single website plan. Astra’s entry-level plan is not only more expensive, but it does not include any additional premium website templates.

OceanWP does charge more for using their theme on multiple websites though, so if you have multiple websites and like the additional plugins and designs on offer by Astra, it might be the better option.

Final Thoughts

Astra and OceanWP are both free to download and come packaged with beautiful pre-made designs, however it can be difficult for website owners to effectively compare them their premium options as the developers have set them up so differently.

From a design point of view, I believe Astra is doing things better. There is a larger selection of designs to choose from and these designs can be used with four different WordPress page builders, not just one. OceanWP only offers 13 Elementor-based designs to free users and these designs will not work correctly unless you upgrade to the OceanWP Core Extensions Bundle.

Of course, this isn’t a problem for those that upgrade to the full version of OceanWP and all OceanWP users do have the option of using Astra’s Starter Templates plugin and importing the same pre-made website designs as Astra users, so do not let OceanWP’s flawed demo system put you off as the theme has many useful features and settings that are not found in Astra.

The cost of using Astra and OceanWP will depend on what features and functionality you need, what designs you like and how many websites you plan on using the theme on.

For single license website owners, it is cheaper to upgrade to the full version of OceanWP and doing so gives you access to 60 premium designs and a dozen premium plugins.

Astra Pro is a little more expensive for single license website owners, but could prove to be cheaper for those of you who own many websites as usage is not restricted. Its module system also saves you from having to install many WordPress plugins and I believe these modules enhance the core theme more than OceanWP’s premium extensions do.

The main downside to Astra Pro’s pricing policy is that you need to purchase one of the agency plans to gain access to the 55 additional pre-made designs that are available, however these agency plans also include other high-quality WordPress plugins from the developers so the overall package is better.

My recommendation is to install Astra and OceanWP on a test WordPress website in order to test them extensively. This will help you see which solution suits you better. Be sure to check our Avada vs Astra and Avada vs OceanWP comparison articles to see how these themes compare to the best selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest.

Used/using either Astra or OceanWP? Thoughts?

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