Advertising and Affiliate Links

Great content doesn’t come for free, and providing you with articles, tutorials and recommendations costs money. To keep bringing you great quality content, we need to pay our writers and editors, pay hosting fees, and cover various other operating costs.

The primary way we cover these costs (something we’re not actually managing yet – being a relatively new site) is through advertising and affiliate marketing.

That said, to remain true to our cause (of serving you, the reader), we have some rules in place that we always follow when promoting a product or service:

  • We don’t advertise products or services we don’t believe in – our reviews always reflect our experience as a user.
  • We never place affiliate ads/links within our content purely for the purpose of making money!

In short, WPMarmalade only ever promotes products and services that we both personally like — and use — and/or feel to be beneficial to our audience.

Last updated on March 1st, 2020