Code of Conduct

Hello, and thanks for visiting WPMarmalade – we’re a big fan of comments, so if you’re thinking of sharing an opinion or your thoughts on a subject, thank you!

That said, before you hit the ‘Post Comment’ button, there are a few ground rules we’d like you to check out first. Read on to give your comment the best chance of getting – and staying – published.

Our Site

This is a community site that we want everyone to feel part of – whether you have a burning question you want to put to us or the wider community, or just want to lurk in the comments in the hope someone else asks it for you – this is a place for all WordPress fans to learn, engage, ask questions, comment and share opinions, information, tips and tricks. This is a place where everyone is welcome – and so everyone should also be made to feel welcome — regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, background, religion and more.

We’re counting on you as our community to make this a safe and welcoming place – and we want you to know you can count on us to enforce that.

Rules to Comment By

So, without further ado, here are the dos:

  • Always be polite
  • Use your real name
  • Don’t self promote
  • Don’t link to spammy sites
  • Stay on topic
  • Help others
  • Add value

And, we’d really hope most of these go without saying, but here are the don’ts:

  • Comments that are designed to intimidate (rude, harassing, stalking, targeted at a user, attacking).
  • Comments that are bigoted, racist, sexist or otherwise offensive.
  • Comments that are disruptive, or spam comments.
  • Comments that are off-topic or designed to derail the debate.
  • Comments that are designed to make anyone feel attacked or unsafe.
  • Comments that are just shameless self-promotion.

Bear in mind, this is a rough guide and by no means comprehensive. In short, we want this to be a safe place where people can feel free to comment without feeling judged, attacked, harassed or otherwise uncomfortable. Ultimately, the decision on what to post rests with us.


Not every comment will be published – if you’re unsure why your comment hasn’t seen the light of day, then check it against the dos and don’t above. However, as mentioned, what is and isn’t published is ultimately our call.

How Do I Make a Complaint?

If you see a comment that makes you uncomfortable, or you feel falls under one of the ‘don’ts’, then please let us know by using our contact page, so we can assess and decide whether or not it should be taken down.

What Happens If Someone Complains about My Comment?

If we uphold the complaint, it will be taken down. If it is taken down, then try to think more carefully about what you post next time and how it impacts the community – you should always aim to add value for your fellow WordPress users and the community as a whole.

Everyone makes mistakes, but repeat offenders may be banned from commenting, so think carefully before posting again and learn from any lapses in judgement. If you feel you’ve made a mistake and want to remove or edit one of your own comments, please get in touch.

We hope this give some useful hints – stay safe and happy commenting!